NSW Population Health Survey (PHS) Analysis Code

R and Stata Analysis Code

This repository contains R and Stata code used in a number of articles using the NSW Population Health Survey.

Code for all analysis in the article by Cranney et al published in Preventive Medicine: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ypmed.2022.107004

S1 - Data Preparation and imputationData preparation
S2 - Descriptive statisticsDescriptives
S3 - Aim 1: analysis of type 2 diabetes trendsAim 1
S4 - Aim 2: analysis of differences in diabetes trends based on behavioural risk factorsAim 2
S5 - Aim 3: analysis of trends in diabetes management strategiesAim 3
S6 - Aim 3: analysis of differences in management strategies trends based on behavioural risk factorsAim 4
S7 - Post-hoc analysis of prevalencePost-hoc
Dr. Philip J Clare, PhD

Biostatistician at the Prevention Research Collaboration, University of Sydney.