The overall effect of parental supply of alcohol across adolescence on alcohol-related harms in early adulthood – a prospective cohort study

R Analysis Code

This repository contains R code used in the TMLE analysis of parental supply of alcohol on harms in the APSALS dataset by Clare et al. 2019

A1 - Multiple imputationMultiple imputation code
A2 - Final data creationFinal data creation code
A3 - LTMLE analysis of parental supply of alcohol on harms using ‘ltmle’ (1).LTMLE analysis code
A4 - Paramaterisation of marginal structural model from LTMLE analysis of parental supply of alcohol on harms using ‘ltmleMSM’ (1).LTMLE MSM analysis code
A5 - Naive analysis using generalised linear modelsNaive analysis code
A6 - E-Value sensitivity analysisE-value analysis code
A7 - Secondary analysis comparing supply from age 15 to no supplySecondary analysis code
A8 - Sensitivity analysis including only lagged covariates/confoundersSensitivity analysis 1 code
A9 - Sensitivity analysis including past outcomes as confoundersSensitivity analysis 2 code
A10 - Sensitivity analysis using continuous rather than binary outcomesSensitivity analysis 3 code
  1. Lendle SD, Schwab J, Petersen ML, van der Laan MJ. ltmle: An R Package Implementing Targeted Minimum Loss-Based Estimation for Longitudinal Data. Journal of Statistical Software. 2017;81(1):1-21.
Dr. Philip J Clare, PhD
Research Fellow

Biostatistician at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, UNSW Sydney.