E-cigarette use by people who smoke or have recently quit, New South Wales, 2016–2020

An examination of e-cigarette use among those who smoke or have recently quit, showing e-cigarette use doubled over the period from 2016 to 2020.

Smoking and finances: baseline characteristics of low income daily smokers in the FISCALS cohort

Description of a cohort of low socio-economic status smokers in Australia.

Predictors of retention in a randomised trial of smoking cessation in low-socioeconomic status Australian smokers

Examination of the factors that predict retention in an RCT of low socioeconomic status smokers.

Associations between behavioural risk factors and smoking, heavy smoking and future smoking among an Australian population-based sample

Analysis of the association between smoking and other health behaviours like healthy eating.

Smoking Cessation among Low-Socioeconomic Status and Disadvantaged Population Groups: A Systematic Review of Research Output

A systematic review of smoking intervention studies in disadvantaged populations.

Use of Smoking Cessation and Quit Support Services by Socioeconomic Status Over 10 Years of the National Drug Strategy Household Survey

Analysis of the use of quit smoking services by smokers in the Australian population.

The relationship between socioeconomic status and ‘hardcore’ smoking over time – greater accumulation of hardened smokers in low-SES than high-SES smokers

Analysis of the hardcore smoking hypothesis, which states that as people quit smoking, those who continue will be more 'hardened' to smoking and less open to intervention.